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Clydesdale Stallion Black Sabino

Clydesdale Stallion Black Sabino


The tall and elegant Clydesdale Stallion is one of the world’s biggest horses, made famous after starring in Budweiser’s iconic Super Bowl commercials. Originating in Lanarkshire, the Clydesdale was bred for agricultural work and is known for its pulling power.

This lifelike equestrian figure is modelled on a Black Sabino Clydesdale Stallion, featuring a glossy black coat, white spotted markings, a muscular body and lower leg feathering.


Realistic hand painted horse toy for kids. Designed by experts, CollectA horse models are factually accurate and true to life.


Clydesdale Stallion - Black Sabino product features:

  • Hand painted Clydesdale Stallion horse toy
  • Designed to be factually accurate
  • 12.4cm x 20cm
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