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Lusitano Stallion Sooty Palomino

Lusitano Stallion Sooty Palomino


A powerful and spirited horse, the Lusitano Stallion embodies strength, grace and elegance. This miniature representation is beautifully detailed with a speckled sooty palomino coat and noble facial features.


Beyond play, the Lusitano Stallion figure is a great way to introduce kids to different horse breeds, fostering a love for animals and nature. It also motivates imaginative play, which can help tots develop empathy as they role play caring for and looking after their toy horse.


Realistic hand painted horse toys for kids. Designed by experts, CollectA horse models are factually accurate and true to life. Suitable for 3+ years.


Lusitano Stallion (Sooty Palomino) - product features:

  • Hand painted Lusitano Stallion horse toy
  • Sooty palomino colouring
  • Designed to be factually accurate
  • For 3+ years
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