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Spectre 2023 Halloween Horse

Spectre 2023 Halloween Horse


On this All Hallow’s Eve, something chilling has slipped from the shadows. Emerging from the darkness into the moonlight, Spectre is a hauntingly beautiful sight to behold. With an eerie coat designed by artist Lauren Hoeffer, this animated stallion is covered in ghastly ghosts. With their mouths parted in silent screams, the swirling ghosts have Spectre pawing at their phantom touch.


His unique coat coloring melts from a deep purple to a metallic burnished orange that pops against his white markings, and is completed by a glossy finish. Painted with a white “mask” that gives him a spooky grimace, Spectre will continue to haunt you all night, as his ghostly white markings glow in the dark!


This spooktacular limited edition has “Spectre 2023” on his belly.


Traditional | 1:9 scale | Ages 8+

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