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About Mr Bobby's Models

Mr Bobby's Models is an equestrian-related toys and collectibles store. Founded in 2023, the business was set up to increase widespread availability of model horses in the UK, as a lot of our products can be quite hard to come by. Ran by a knowledgeable model horse enthusiast, Mr Bobby's Models aims to provide a friendly, personalised shopping experience.

About Amy

Amy here! I am the founder and director of Mr Bobby's Models! My goal is to spread the joy of model horses to equestrians all around the world.

I received my first Breyer model horse on my 11th birthday, and I've been collecting model horses ever since (I'm now 24). Model horses were an important part of my education about horses growing up. I would not be the horse rider I am today without the knowledge I gained playing with my models. The model horse hobby also helped to develop my creative side. As a teenager I loved to custom paint models, transforming them into mini portraits of real horses I knew, or even creating fantasy horses like unicorns to liven up my collection. I also enjoyed making miniature tack and accessories for them. They were as well looked after as my real horses!


As an adult, I now like to focus on the artistry and collectibility of model horses. I like collecting the models whose sculptures are highly realistic with detailed paint jobs.

I've made many friends over the years through the collecting hobby. And it's because of these friendships that I started this business.
Enjoy the world of model horses!

About Bobby

Bobby is Amy's horse and the mascot of Mr Bobby's Models. The business is named after him, and if you take a look at our logo, you'll see him jumping over our name!

Bobby is a stunning Thoroughbred x Welsh D with a lovely dark dappled bay coat. He is on the smaller side, standing at 15hh at the withers. Bobby is a very sociable, enthusiastic horse who loves dressage, jumping and XC. He especially loves a good gallop when he gets the chance! Watch out, because he will search all your pockets for treats!

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